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Being the Trials & Travails of an Elementary Music Teacher Trying to Use Technology

Well, I have no idea if anyone’ll read this, but here goes – welcome to my blog. I’m an elementary music teacher who has been trying (w/ varying degrees of success) to use technology w/ my students for the last several years. I’m starting this blog because – well, I want to connect w/ other teachers trying to do the same things I am; to be honest, I’m doing a little self-promotion w/ this; & prob. most importantly, I need a place to rant/vent/complain, because, as some (most? all?) of you that have tried to use technology w/ your teaching know, uh, things don’t always go as planned….and, sometimes (often?), other people in your school don’t understand/care about what you’re trying to do. And then, there’s the various technology technicians, network nerds, etc. that have no training/experience as educators, but who seem to be the “gatekeepers” when it comes to teachers having the ability to use technology in meaningful ways.  So, here goes. (Update: my wife just reminded me that I should try to remain positive, so allright, I’ll TRY)

It’s summer, but I’ll be back at school in a week & 1/2 – my district has so-called year-round schooling, so I’m most of the way thru my summer break. Here’s how I’ve spent my summer:

  • sleeping
  • trying to re-do as many of my Smart Board lessons as I can, to remove copyrighted material & replace it w/ “legal” stuff
  • took a short class on RTI (Response To Intervention)
  • looking online for cool stuff for this coming school year

I’m gonna post again later tonite w/ some stuff I’ve found this summer, right now it’s dinner time.